Find the REAL Philippines!

Stay at a genuine Filipino house in an authentic small fishing

village. Experience the real Philippines. You are taking an Urban Safari to experience life as it is lived with the friendly local population. Western amenities and comfortable lodgings help to make this a memorable experience - an expedition into urban Manila.

Go Fishing!

Watch or even join a local fisherman out on the lake. Visit the local market on the lakeshore at six o'clock in the morning. Experience life in the Philippines.

New Updates

We have renovated our rooftop patio. It now has a roofed barbecue and bar area for you to enjoy the evening breezes

The Behemoth!

Our shuttle bus will pick you up from the airport and take you around the Manila area.

They’ve liked it

The Castle is properly maintained and clean. It faces lakes and mountains. What more can I ask? - Andrej Nice airy place. Perfect for a spectacular getaway. Definitely recommended to any Manila visitor. - Gerta Enjoyed sitting outside talking to the local people. It was the highlight of the trip. - Daniel
Spectacular Getaway